When Even the Cat Died, I Started to Laugh


– Letters to Eeva-Liisa Manner

An encounter between the worlds of Eeva-Liisa Manner and playwright Elina Snicker. A connection that gives meaning to a lifelong search for balance.

How does a child find the words, and how must a person with memory loss give them up? How can one get by in a world that seems foreign – a world of everyday needs, houseplants and pea soup – if one feels like a wild animal? How are you able to walk away from a shared existence when your way to exist is incomprehensible to the other?

How are you supposed to live when you have an urge to write but you’re constantly wondering about what you should say and what you’re allowed to say and why bother writing at all?

Starring the outstanding team of Petriikka Pohjanheimo and Saija Raskulla, this audience-charmer is a love letter to the powers of language and music.

”This play gives you a time travel pass to peace of mind.”
Marita Salonen, kulttuuritoimitus.fi (text in Finnish)