The Mustache Institute


Welcome to the Mustache Institute!

Get ready to be astonished by revolutionary lectures, ancient stuff from the archives, brand-new and age-old discoveries by our beloved researchers.

Covering just about everything from colossal to teeny-weeny, from universal mythology to microscopic cell inspections, the institute offers a platform to practise being. The training takes place at the threshold of the mind and studies the laws of inversion a.k.a. turning inside out.

The Mustache Institute is a charmingly intelligent, on-point and kooky hybrid of silent cinema, live music, performance and a staged clinic. This highly original piece with a unique view of the world and the order of things is aimed at anyone looking for empowerment, solace and courage.

”Your heart fills with gentle laughs as you watch the mustached professors dive deep into traumas and mythology.”
Laura Kytölä, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper (text in Finnish and behind a paywall)