The Greatest Happiness Is Being Happy


Actor Taisto Reimaluoto caps his 60th anniversary with a wise and charming monologue about Finnish outsider artist Elis Sinistö (1912–2004), an astrologer, builder, ballet dancer, thinker, yogi, international star, innkeeper, UFO watcher, pacifist and a recluse with a unique ideology that was simply based on loving people.

The piece cross-cuts between the personal histories of its performer and its subject, culminating in a cosmic ballet solo celebrating these two equally great lovers of life.

Sinistö was almost like a wild beast living in his self-built paradise, a place called Villa Mehu, which also provided a safe haven for all travelers. As a performer Reimaluoto is a provider too, giving his audiences a safe place to take a break and enjoy the light.

”A true triumph of theatre.”
Tuomas Rantanen, Voima journal (text in Finnish)