LizArt Productions & Toxic Dreams (Austria)

The Audition

for the Role of Stephen Hawking in the Theory of Everything

Successful casting director Nina Gold is looking for the best possible actor to star as physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking in a biopic.

Both ingenious and humorous, The Audition brings up the issues of ownership, rights and artistic license. To whom does the stage belong? Why are disabled people being portrayed on film mostly by non-disabled actors? Is there an authentic or an appropriate way to portray disability? And, what is ability, and what is disability?

Elisabeth Löffler & Cornelia Scheuer (LizArt) and the Toxic Dreams company, representing the apex of contemporary Austrian theatre, make their Tampere Theatre Festival debut with a breathtakingly effortless and delightfully groundbreaking mix of razor-sharp observation and comedy.

With the support of the Austrian Embassy Helsinki