Les Dudes (Canada / Finland)

Stories in the City

A delicious mix of comedy, circus and personal chemistry, Stories in the City turns street theatre into a playful street fight on the corner of reality and make-believe.

In this matchup, two talented performers will take on each other, themselves and everything around them, smilingly. First, hailing from Finland, with credits such as the popular children’s tv show Pikku Kakkonen under her belt, Miss Senja Meriläinen! And in the opposite corner, from Canada, and of Cirque du Soleilfame, Monsieur Philippe Dreyfuss! It’s no surprise that they are a de facto real-life couple, but how did they meet in the first place? The story of their first meeting, and a number of other stories, will be revealed in the performance!

AutokeskusIlves Tampere