Written by Virpi Rautsiala and Kari Senius
Inspired by the book Hyvä Sara! by Anna Kortelainen (Gummerus 2018)
Conceived and performed by Virpi Rautsiala

What drives a person to work like crazy? What is the price of art estimated in women’s coats? Why isn’t this production called Erik?

Sara Hildén (1905–93) was a strong-willed fashion entrepreneur as well as a great art lover, supporter and collector. The foundation bearing her name currently owns over 6,500 pieces of contemporary and modern art.

Celebrating Virpi Rautsiala’s 30th anniversary as an artist, Sara is a triumph of stellar solo acting that gives voice and shape to a dozen people. The play is an ode to love, art and artistry. It’s also a study of arts patronage, female leadership and an exceptional individual’s ability to make a difference.