Conceived and directed by Marcos Morau
Choreography by Marcos Morau in collaboration with the dancers

Imagine a place that everyone talks about. A world of progress, possessing all the things we’ve always strived for.

Pasionaria could be that place. It is inhabited by humanlike beings with rules and customs similar to ours. However, something seems a bit off. Do those inhabitants feel passion, love or fear at all – or are they just faking it?

A moving and visually arresting image of a future without emotion, Pasionaria shakes the subconscious and makes you question whether or not we’re still alive – and if we are, what does it mean? What makes us different from robots?

By combining meticulously crafted and virtuosic movement material with visionary and heartwarming storytelling, La Veronal and the company’s founder-choreographer Marcos Morau have created a truly unique masterpiece.