Recirquel Company Budapest (Hungary)

Paris de Nuit

An evening of lust, love and loneliness.

The gloriously sensational decadence of 1930s Montmartre comes to life as the spectacular circus performers, dancers and musicians of Paris de Nuit take the stage at Tampere Hall.

The black-and-white images of world-famous Hungarian photographer Brassaï captured the adventurous spirit of early 20th century Paris, a city of flashes, shadows and forbidden love. Paris de Nuit combines Brassaï’s visual ideas with the skills and thrills of contemporary circus, the pizazz of cabaret and the blue haze of a jazz club.

Five years ago, a young director named Bence Vági founded the Recirquel Company Budapest to narrow the distance between art forms. Paris de Nuit presents the nocturnal French capital in the ’30s exactly the way we all would have loved to experience it.

Watch the trailer here.

In cooperation: Tampere Theatre Festival & the Tampere Hall