Finnish National Theatre

Old Masters

A Comedy

Tintoretto’s famous Portrait of a White-Bearded Man hangs on the wall of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum. The painting is being observed by renowned music critic Reger, a tireless seeker of authenticity. Reger himself is being observed by author and philosopher Atzbacher, who in turn is being observed by Irrsigler, the gallery attendant.

The words of these three men intertwine and build up into a performance that flows like a piece of music. Its thematic structure covers a multitude of topics ranging from replicas, forgeries and hideously overrated old masters to loneliness, originality, Viennese lavatories, theatre, kitsch and graveyards.

Director Minna Leino’s warmly sensitive and humbly ironic interpretation of Thomas Bernhard’s novel has charmed both critics and audiences.

There is no better venue to showcase this play than a museum, and at Tampere Theatre Festival, Old Masters is performed at the Sara Hildén Art Museum by three outstanding actors, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Hannu Kivioja and Markku Maalismaa.