Nanterre-Amandiers – Centre dramatique national (France)

Night of the Moles

Night of the Moles (La Nuit des taupes) is a lyrical rock-and-roll extravaganza featuring an endearing group of moles. It’s a dive into a surreal, subterranean world where playful, greedy and occasionally fierce creatures go about their business, doing what moles usually do: roll stones around. They also find time to express their appreciation for art and rituals.

Void of dialogue, the production relies on a combination of performance art, music, poetry and installation to create an enigmatic environment that incites interpretation. The mole cave is a magical retreat reflecting human evolution and the birth of consciousness – the essentials of existence.

French director Philippe Quesne is a master of illusions known for his ability to dream up complete microuniverses on stage. He has already won the hearts of Tampere Theatre Festival audiences with acclaimed works such as La Mélancolie des Dragons (2009) and L’Effet de Serge (2008).

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