Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki


Nhaga & Erista Growing ’n Reaching Out

The cornerstone of a balanced identity is to be accepted as you are.

Geoffrey Erista’s soul-shaking solo piece examines the racialized body, Black masculinity and what it feels like for a person of African descent to grow up in Finland.

Dealing with skin color, gender and power structures, this deeply personal work masterfully exposes the set of attitudes we need to change to rid ourselves of the global stranglehold of the White gaze.

A captivating performer brilliantly fusing monologue with physical theatre, dance and video art, Geoffrey Erista created N.E.G.R.O. as his artistic thesis for the Theatre Academy. The piece is co-written and co-performed via video by Laura Eklund Nhaga, a performance poet, activist and a sociology major at Warwick University.