My Son Who Disappeared


– It's Mom, Please Answer

”Having a child gives you a sense of time. First steps become leaps between moments. You wait for the next step of development, the next special occasion, the next new tooth, the next summer holiday. Then one day the way to the future just came to an end.”

Inspired by Mirjam Sumu’s comic book, this statement-making piece by Oulu Theatre sheds light on the city’s worsening drug problem. It is a stirring account of the feelings running through a family when their child gets replaced by a dark-hooded character who scares everyone in his path – the shame, the guilt, the fear, the distress, the despair and the flickering ray of hope they hold on to.

Partly based on material provided by family support groups and officials, the play was launched tied in with a special support ribbon which gets its design from a drug test color chart.

”It’s been a while since an Oulu-based theatre carries out the ancient mission of drama as our social conscience and a public influencer.”
Eeva Kauppinen, Kaleva newspaper (text in Finnish and behind a paywall)

Synopsis in English