The Finnish National Theatre

My Cat Yugoslavia

A Tale of a Family

A family saga tinted with magical realism and absurd comedy

My Cat Yugoslavia (Kissani Jugoslavia), based on Pajtim Statovci’s acclaimed debut novel, moves between multiple timelines while following the fates of a family living in Finland and Kosovo. Directed by Johanna Freundlich, this highly praised adaptation is a coming-of-age tale of raw beauty. A story of people caught between different cultures and identities, the play also deals with painful family relations, individual self-searching, and love’s elusiveness. The performance offers an unusually powerful combination of wild and delicate performances, with multilayered and astute depictions of times and places.

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”National Theatre dramatist Ewa Buchwald has pulled off a small miracle by shaping a functioning and effortlessly flowing drama out of a novel that spreads over two countries and variousnarratives.” 
Rolf Bamberg, Demokraatti newspaper