Theater Basel (Switzerland)


Main Programme 2019

A powerful retelling of a myth bound for tragedy

Two brothers are playing in their room, trying to ignore their parents’ argument. Looking in on her sons, their mother tries to soothe them, but the boys’ childhood days are clearly over. They become absorbed into the grim tale of Medea as told by Euripides.

Focusing on the side characters of a tragedy and looking through the eyes of innocent children, Australians Anne-Louise Sarks and Kate Mulvany turn a mythical monster into an ordinary, caring mother who commits an unspeakable act. In their Medea, one of the darkest Greek tragedies transforms into a sharp and compelling depiction of crossing the line between everyday life and irreversible tragedy.


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“A radical update… that genuinely makes us see an old play through new eyes.” ★★★★ — The Guardian

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