Circo Aereo


– The Weird and Magical Abracadabra Circus Show


Actor, master mime Marc Gassot stars in this tribute to circus spiced with brilliant sprinkles of pantomime and shades of splatter movies. It is a wonderfully deranged concoction of tongue-in-cheek comedy, animal taming, magic and clownery directed by Circo Aereo’s Sanna Silvennoinen, a pioneer of Finnish contemporary circus, and featuring Karl Sinkkonen’s one-man orchestra.

Step right up, folks – this show will attract all audiences, even teenagers!


★★★★★ ”Lion – The Weird and Magical Abracadabra Show starring Marc Gassot reminds us of how an actor working at the height of his powers is able to recreate the whole world by using just his body.” – Markus Määttänen, Aamulehti newspaper