Set during the Lapland War, this stage adaptation of Minna Rytisalo’s acclaimed debut novel is a tense drama about the power and unpredictability of love.

Beginning with an innocent bet between twin sisters Lempi and Sisko, who live in the northern town of Rovaniemi, the story reminds us how we never really think of others as complete human beings and fail to see that our supporting characters actually play the leads in their own lives.

Just when everything is about to kick off, a war breaks out, tearing people away from each other, and Lempi disappears.

Sound designer Taito Kantomaa won an Äänisäde award for his beautifully crafted work which moves like air troughout the play: ”Kantomaa’s soundscape becomes a canvas for the audience to project their feelings about everything that is happening on stage.”

”The acting is furiously intense.”
Tenka Issakainen, Lapin Kansa newspaper (text in Finnish and behind a paywall)