In the Living Room


A salute to all homes! It’s time to revive the long-lost tradition of dropping by – and take on-the-road performances to places they haven't gone before.

The Kotiteatteri company turns your home into a stage. In the Living Room, their debut piece, kicks off a series of productions that revolve around the concept of unknown hospitality.

Brace yourself for folk costumes and pole dancing, coffee drinking, relaxing, training, sweat and farts. A bunch of familiar people with utter strangers make a shared living room. Just sit back and enjoy the show from your couch.

The production makes its stop at Tampere Theatre Festival in the middle of a nationwide tour, before moving on to rejuvenate living rooms across the Pirkanmaa region.

Any resident of downtown Tampere can offer their living room for a date with Kotiteatteri! Submit your application at before 22 May.