Briefs Factory (Australia)

Hot Brown Honey

Main Programme 2019

Fighting the Power Never Tasted So Sweet!

This divine and unapologetic posse takes you inside a tornado of hip-hop and politics the like of which you’ve never seen before.

Hot Brown Honey crushes prejudice and stereotypes, throws them in a blender and comes up with a mind-expanding cocktail to blow colonialism off the stage – one stage at a time. An empowering extravaganza of gale-force proportions, this show will strike a chord with anyone interested in things beyond their own navel lint. It already has, with sold-out audiences around the world, from the Sydney Opera House on and beyond. Now, this acclaimed matriarchal spectacle is about to run wild at Tampere Hall, as the World Pollination Tour sets Finland free!

Hot Brown Honey will make you laugh, cry, clap and shake what your mama gave you!

Production Briefs Factory

In cooperation Tampereen Teatterikesä, Tampere Hall, Sunborn Live / Logomo Turku, Espoon Kaupunginteatteri & Riksteatern    


Sunborn LiveEspoon kaupunginteatteri  Riksteatern

“It’s phenomenal-sexy, foot stomping fun and radical consciousness-raising all at the same time.”
— ★★★★★ Scotsman

“A truly groundbreaking production unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – but will definitely want to see again…Hot Brown Honey is an independent feminist masterpiece”
— ★★★★★ Upstaged Manchester

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