Farm Fatale


Concept, set design and direction by Philippe Quesne

A surrealistic vision of an eco-revolution carried out by unemployed scarecrows.

Farm Fatale is a place populated by scarecrows, a group of contemplative clowns who run an independent radio station, make music and sing, invent rallying cries and philosophize.

Dreamers, poets and activists, intoxicated by nature’s beauty. Disarmingly funny and gentle heroes, trying to save their environment from the destructive power of capitalism.

It remains unclear whether this is an actual call to an eco-revolution or a comment on the futility of such.

This production marks the fourth Tampere Theatre Festival visit for Philippe Quesne, who creates distinctively peculiar off-worlds with absorbing visuals and multisensual expression. This is theatre where hilarious visions rule and words do not.

"Philippe Quesne filled the room with beings who were smarter, more charming, and more lovable than humans themselves.”
Wolf Banitzki, (text in German)