Ancient myth meets arctic tragedy.

Long gone from history, Eriopis re-emerges in this Q Theatre production as a double subject – a supporting character in an ancient myth and a teenage girl who runs an arctic dog safari business with her mother Medea.

After losing her mother and twin brother Eriopis is left to her own devices. Her father Jason, detached from life, tries to reconnect with his daughter, while the media tries to suck every last drop out of this tragedy for their narrative purposes.

Does Eriopis have a voice? Is she able to tell her own story, or will others provide the narration for her?

Pushing the limits of theatre, this poetic and visceral cross section co-exists simultaneously in the timeless realm of archetypes and the provocative, split-second crossfire of modern media.

”The ensemble performs with pinpoint accuracy, and their portrayal of alienation is as internalized as can be.”
Tuomas Rantanen, Voima journal (text in Finnish)