Blind Spot


The evocative Blind Spot points the finger at the unkept promises of administrators and their effects on children, teenagers and families.

This documentary-like piece sets out to answer the question of why all the political decisions that affect our daily lives are obscured or made to appear smaller than they really are to give the impression that there are no alternatives. The pandemic has revealed the abyss of global inequality and the growing distance between different social realities.

Will the escape from coronavirus be a repetition of the early ’90s recession? Could we even picture alternatives that wouldn’t be disastrous for the voiceless and the silent? What’s more important for a rich, big city than a safe school path for its children?

Based on Helsinki city council’s public records and recent interviews with administrators, Blind Spot is Susanna Kuparinen’s follow-up to her stage trilogies The Council and The Parliament.

”The director gives the play a tenderly personal twist by introducing a delicately poetic soul, her own child.”
Laura Hallamaa, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper (text in Finnish and behind a paywall)