Nocturnal Football by Tampere United

Tampere United - FC Honka Akatemia

Football games on an atmospheric August night!

  • 19:00–21:00 Football Men's Second: Tampere United will play against FC Honka Academy from Espoo
  • 21:30–24:00 Football at the atmospheric Pyynikki Sports Field (Pyynikin Urheilukenttä)

Welcome to watch and play!


Tampere United will host the Nocturnal Football event on Thursday 4.8. from 9:30 pm to midnight at the Pyynikki sports field. At the event, those who wish will be able to play casual football in the atmospheric night light. A DJ plays music the whole evening.

Game spot

A separate game spot has also been built at Pyyniki for the event. There are e.g. Playstation games and table football at the spot. The spot gives you access to a participatory programme where visitors get to enjoy a variety of games and challenges. The spot allows you to challenge friends, other participants or even family members to the games. At the same time, you get a glimpse into the world of e-sports. The spot is open to all ages and there will be activities for everyone from children to adults!

Dining and drinking

At both events, there will be Tapola grilled sausages for carnivores and Vegem vegetable sausages for everyone at the grilling spot. Refreshments, coffee, and sweets are also available. There are products for fans/supporters for sale at the same spot.

In addition, the restaurant 4 Seasons brings its own grill to Pyynikki (changing dishes are offered). One area serving Pyynikki Brewing Company's products is located in the main auditorium and another one is in connection with the VIP tent.


Tickets to the football game cost 10€ for adults and 7€ for discount groups. Discount groups include members of the club as well as children aged 7-16, students, conscripts, and seniors. Advance tickets for the match are sold by Tiketti. Participation in the night football and the accompanying programme is free.

Tournament and registration

The night football event can be attended without a team or with a team. The size of the teams is about 1 + 5 players, and we will supplement the teams on-site with additional players if necessary. Assemble your team and see the registration instructions here. As an individual player, you can also come alone, and anyone who wants to can play.

The tournament is played by first playing two starting blocks of four teams. After this the quarter-finals, semifinals and the final will be played. The playing time of the matches is 10 minutes and they are played on small fields with small goals.

In addition to tournament-style games, there is a freer space for those who want to kick the ball even more casually. The registration of the teams for night football has ended, but as an individual player you can attend the event without prior registration.