Sirkus Supiainen

"How everything escalates towards the tragic ending."

Woyzeck is oppressed. Woyzeck is a soldier. Woyzeck is a young and sensitive man who will have to live with the stinging sides of life and himself. Woyzeck is based on Georg Büchner's play, which tells a story about passion, jealousy, humiliation, and death. Woyzeck is a unique experience inside of a sci-fi dome, in which the tableau created by the performer sucks the audience in.   

Sirkus Supiainen is a Finnish contemporary circus company from Joensuu, founded in 1997. They operate widely in the rich field of performing arts, and their performances combine circus, theatre, puppetry, and performance art. The company loves to break boundaries and swim against the current. Sirkus Supiainen believes in constant exploration and love.