Photo: Laura Weckström

What just happened?

Jose Ahonen

This experiential show takes you to a world of mentalism and psychological mind control!

Mentalist Jose Ahonen leads the audience through suggestion and mind reading in a breathtaking show that makes you question even your own senses. Interactive, fun, astounding and unique experience you have to see for yourself! Jose Ahonen is a popular mentalist with over 50 million views on Youtube. Ahonen has received a Timo Tuomivaara award 2020 (Suomen Taikapiiri) and the title of the Best Magician in town (City-magazine). He has also written two books: Think Like a Mentalist and The Anatomy of Scam.  

Warm-up guest: Sakari Wilenius

The show will be warmed up by the Finnish Champion of Magic. Sakari Wilenius is not a traditional magician. He doesn’t pull a rabbit from a hat or cut woman in half. He brings magic from big stages just right in front of our eyes. He is a stylish gentleman who creates unique experiences for every viewer.

Please note! The event is free of charge, but the capacity at the venue is stricted. We advice everyone to book seats in advance (max. 2 reservations per person) by sending email to off(a)


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