The Last Atlantis


Based on the novel by Antti Hyyrynen; adapted and directed by Tuomo Rämö; music and sound design Antti Hyyrynen

Meet Tobeas, a man who’s been living a full life up until the point where he gets sucked into an apocalyptic flurry of events in the middle of an intercontinental flight. Will he find his way back home before the Earth is destroyed?

This Thalia-winning play paints a striking picture of a collapsing world and an escape attempt, showing us how pathetically small we are compared to natural disasters. It’s a dystopian wake-up call on the importance and power of water – a gentle reminder of how you really can’t drink money.

The Last Atlantis is based on singer-guitarist-author Antti Hyyrynen’s debut novel published in 2020, and the award-winning 2010 album by his group Stam1na. Hyyrynen is also the production’s composer and sound designer.

”The earthquake scene hits a home run with its acting, sound, lighting and stage design.”
Timo Mattila, Etelä-Saimaa newspaper (text in Finnish and behind a paywall)