KOM Theatre, TEHDAS Theatre & Uusi Lapsuus -working group

Ruusu Haarla & Seidi Haarla; dramatized and directed by Ruusu Haarla 

Is it possible to reconstruct trauma? Can you play with it? Is it possible to build one? If you play with trauma, can it become a part of you, a new childhood?

Written and performed by two sisters, A New Childhood is a piece of autofiction, a play that sets out to rediscover a lost childhood that was once buried under trauma and violence. It is a search for self, sisterhood, peace, purity and beauty, reaching out from psychological realism to fantasy, from puppet theatre to rap lyrics.

A traumatic childhood, or childhood in general, is a taboo subject. If you speak about it, you must keep it cordial and distant.

What do we lose when our childhood is over? Where do you hide all the pain, anger and innocence? In your own children, in other people, in remote dreams and horrors?

A New Childhood is a standalone sequel to Ruusu and Seidi Haarla’s Traumaruumis, a play featured at the 2015 Tampere Theatre Festival.

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”The play brings up many sensitive, challenging and universal questions about the significance of childhood and developing memories, and about children as functioning and experiencing beings. It is a demanding piece, but it also sends you to a place where you can contemplate your connections to childhood and parenthood.”
– Festival Artistic Team