Truth and Lie – Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky

The songs of the Soviet singer-songwriter Vladimir Vysotsky and the Finnish front row actor-musicians are the stars of the T Lab opening night! Martti Suosalo, Nora Raikamo, Jarkko Lahti, Kiureli Sammallahti and Valtteri Bruun have been performing Vysotsky’s songs for over a decade – also at Tampere Theatre Festival 14 years ago!

This performance combines elements of concert and music theatre and it tells us a lot about the human nature. Vysotsky’s songs concern social critisism and self-irony, deception and betrayal – but also they are all about love and friendship!


Vocals Martti Suosalo
Vocals, violin Nora Raikamo
Vocals Jarkko Lahti
Vocals, accordion Kiureli Sammallahti
Vocals, guitar Valtteri Bruun