The Pimpsons


Written and directed by Lauri Maijala

An outrageous, black-and-yellow pop tragedy about a family that rings everyone’s bells with a hammer.

Ilsa was the town jewel as a child, a promising young woman of tomorrow. Now she’s a dumpee pushing forty, and her tomorrow never came. Brt was a horrible kid who always looked for the easiest and cheapest way to get out of things. Now he’s a rich and successful family man. Then there’s Magre, the mother with a mundane garden and a seven-foot wig. And finally Homre, the dad with no job.

The Pimpsons is about toxic nostalgia, the lies we tell ourselves, and the disappointments nobody is prepared for. It holds a cracked mirror to a world that just popped out somehow while we thought we were actually conceiving something completely different during the commercial break.

”The Pimpsons is a sidesplitting tragedy.”
Päivi Ängeslevä, Suomen Kuvalehti magazine (text in Finnish and behind a paywall)

”The Pimpsons is a prime example of theatre that blows comic smoke in your face while dumping life’s deepest sorrows into your lap.”
Tuomas Rantanen, Voima magazine (text in Finnish)