Delta Venus & The Finnish National Theatre

Written by Delta Venus; directed by Sara Melleri

The stage is set for the star, but is she going to turn up? Betty gives her final interview, goes out to party, doesn’t take her medicine. It’s been a long, long day, and she’s thirsty as hell!

Betty is a cabaret star and a stay-at-home mom in a narco-capitalist era. She gets such a humongous hangover that she needs a GINORMOUS prescription for sedatives. That’ll do the job. Fuck it & forget it. Betty unplugs the phone and falls asleep. Who knows, she might not wake up at all.

It’s all about showing life’s full spectrum from beautiful to ugly to embracing the grotesque.

Founded by director-performer Sara Melleri, Delta Venus is a theatre company that crafts memorable pieces out of exaggeration, luxury, bad taste, trash, experimental cabaret and showgirls of all ages.

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”This is a party highlight reel where you can truly sense the performers’ physical presence and fleshly liberation like a refreshing gush of wind.”
– Eeli Vilhunen, Demokraatti newspaper

”Firmly standing its ground between marginal and mainstream culture, The Betty Show unleashes a boundless barrage of energy, ideas and skills. Skip the negotiations – the guns blazing."
– Festival Artistic Team