Written and directed by Sanna Hietala

This brand-new nature documentary by the Aurinkoteatteri company details the journey of Pamela Kåla, an intense and resourceful teenage ethologist and the Finnish equivalent of Sir David Attenborough, as she courageously ventures far beyond the highest brows of high culture and into the long-lost, shadowy realm of stable girls.

The myth of cruel she-monsters is obliterated by a revealing close-up of grossly misunderstood humanlike creatures: stable women. Doomed to eternal stable girl-ness, these ladies find their only solace in the silent and unpredictable presence of horses.

Written and directed by Sanna Hietala, Stable Women is a standalone sequel to Aurinkoteatteri’s The Predators, a 2018 Lea Award finalist which was featured at the 2017 Tampere Theatre Festival.


”Blasting off with nuclear power, this loopy mess of relationships is loaded with shellshocked characters who are extremely sympathetic. The stage fills up with sound and fury, as expected. Count on nothing.”
– Festival Artistic Team