Nocturnal Happening at Mältinranta Artcenter

Tapio Haapala and Sanna Haimila

The exhibitions at Mältinranta Artcenter are open on the Nocturnal Happening!

Sculptures and installations are on display in Tapio Haapala's exhibition in the Gallery. Concrete fragments form various entities in which everyday objects take on new meanings. Sanna Haimila's Saari exhibition in the Studio features paintings.
"When I started, I wanted to paint in bright colors, maybe a little bit of everything. I was thinking about gardens, cafes, fountains and Minna Canth Park. Life and jogging paths. Now when I look at the works, I see mermaids and maybe a little bit of Berlin, and I think about painting, separation and the fact that every human is an island, at least a little bit."

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© Katri Heinänen