Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki & Q-teatteri

Written and directed by Ona Korpiranta

Dad walked out when Moona was just a little girl. Since then she and Mom have been stuck between the local Pentecostal church and a criminal gang. Suddenly Dad comes back.

The Day God Created Fathers is a bitingly funny and touching play about missing your father and trying to love someone. In this thesis piece for her MA at the Theatre Academy, writer-director Ona Korpiranta perfectly captures the confusion of her twenty-year-old subject.

How to survive when you’re surrounded by adults who have never grown up? How to break the curses accumulated over several generations – with a baseball bat or with forgiveness?

”A group of next-gen theatremakers paints a moving and bittersweet family portrait with lively comic-book strokes. Wenla Reimaluoto delivers an astonishingly balanced performance that is both exactly on point and totally out there.”
– Festival Artistic Team