Secret Sauceity Goes OFF Tampere

Secret Sauceity Pizza

The restaurant Secret Sauceity, which enjoys cult popularity, brings stand-up nights to Tampere Theatre Festival's OFF fringe programme! Come enjoy the comedy shows and the tastiest pizza in Tampere. 

There are shows every day at 7pm from Monday to Saturday.

Jamie McDonald & Aatu Raitala

CANCELLED! Monday 1.8. at 19.00
Jamie McDonald & Aatu Raitala​: Comedy Idiot Tampere affair 

Stand-up comedy in English with Jamie MacDonald and Aatu Raitala. The Boys have been running a monthly comedy club in Kallio for 7 years, and now they are expanding their horizons.

Suitable for a non-Finnish speaking audience.
Duration 1h 30min, intermission | tickets 10 €

Juuso Kekkonen

Tuesday 2.8. at 19.00
Juuso Kekkonen: Pervert's guide to love and relationships

Performed in Finnish.
Duration 1h | tickets 15 € + 5 "pay what you want" tickets also for sale

Kaisa Pylkkänen ja Aurora Vasama

Wednesday 3.8. at 19.00
Kaisa Pylkkänen & Aurora Vasama: Stand up -night

Performed in Finnish.
Duration 1h 30min, intermission | tickets 15 €

Eriikka Väliahde ja Tommi Mujunen

Friday 5.8. at 19.00 Tommi Mujunen & Eriikka Väliahde: Amazing show!
Performed in Finnish.
Duration 1h 45 min | tickets 10 €

Ida Grönlund ja Matti Paalanen

Thursday 4.8. at 19.00
Ida Grönlund, Matti Paalanen, Juhani Nevalainen: Just ready! 

Performed in Finnish.
Duration 1h 30min, intermission | tickets 10€

Saturday 6.8.
Good mood Stand Up:
Arttu Järvinen, Atte Liikanen, Heidi Maaria, Matti Paalanen, Jussi Lankoski, Tommi Vänni, Tiina Lintunen, Albert Kajava

Performed in Finnish.

Duration 2h, intermission | Tickets 10€ + voluntary donation to Pirkanmaan Mielenterveys ry