Samuli Putro



Samuli Putro is a Finnish national treasure as a singer-songwriter. In his lyrics, he has described our common reality with cutting precision and heart-stopping accuracy – his songs are like clever short stories or short films. At the same time, many of them are hits that we enjoy singing along to.
Putro became known as the frontman of the band Zen Café and has since created a long and significant solo career. His songs, such as Elämä on juhla, Olet puolisoni nyt and Mitäpä jos, are already modern classics. The latest album, Ikävä mummoa, released this year, is the artist's eighth.
In this year's only solo concert in Tampere, Samuli Putro will perform both his latest songs and his most beloved gems from his career. The troubadour's connection with his audience is uniquely immediate – it's worth coming to TLab to witness it.