Pottery Shards


Directed by Tuija Minkkinen; dramatized by Rosa-Maria Perä; choreographed by Ninu Lindfors; music Sanna Salmenkallio

What happens to someone who is shut out – or just drifts away – from society? When noboby talks to you or reacts to you or even approaches you, you become invisible, meaningless. What are we prepared to do to belong? Can we live with our fractures and sharp edges, if others can’t?

Pottery Shards turns the performers’ personal experiences of social exclusion into a compassionate, humorous and intense fusion of movement and true stories.

”Today there are no villains or victims here. The stage only holds 12 unbroken containers and 12 fractured ones.”

Founded in 2015, The Porttiteatteri Company presents community theatre co-created by persons released from incarceration or on probation and professional artists.

”Pottery Shards is a visceral ode to the hope of communality and the power of art.”
Tuomas Rantanen, Voima magazine (text in Finnish)

”The Porttiteatteri troupe keeps raising the bar and the stakes. The stage fills with life and the movement and sound of the communal body. It is the source of hurt and beauty, of humor and wisdom. Contemporary theatre, performing art.”
Hanna Helavuori, hannahelavuori.com (text in Finnish)