Vaasa City Theatre

Written by Taina Mäki-Iso & working group; directed by Taina Mäki-Iso

Love is a superpower that sets the stage for movement, music and comedy in this family-friendly show based on interviews with kids.

The Tree Detective Agency, located in a tree on the forest edge, receives a mysterious message one day. It is a special assignment for a special team of detectives, experts at solving puzzling cases, investigating disappearances and looking danger in the eye. They are an elite group with amazing skills and gifts, real masters of the craft – or at least they think so!

Their new mission: to find out what love really is.

What kinds of things can you like or not like? Is it even possible to understand love? Trying to crack this new case inevitably leads to many exciting and funny situations.

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”Next to the subject matter, what really makes the show here is the characters’ strong and detailed physicality, which provides mountainous amounts of joy for young audiences. Virtuoso acting with precision and admirable energy.”
– Festival Artistic Team