Turku City Theatre

Written and directed by Juho Mantere 

"Looking back now, Conan was simply wrong in every imaginable way, but for a schoolboy who was seeking revenge, it was the best thing ever."
Juho Mantere

13-year-old Pöpö Höpöläinen, the target of school bullies, finds refuge in fantasy literature, comic books and heavy metal in this dark comedy that forges sword and sorcery with director Juho Mantere’s autofiction.

Conan, My Love is an insightfully constructed action-comedy, a beast with a hot head and a tender heart. It is a rare breed, both playful and fierce, a grotesque and silly bash-fest revolving around the themes of acceptance and forgiveness, and, as such, it resonates with audiences of all ages – just like the timeless juxtaposition of heroes and losers.

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”The piece conquers you with its pitch-black humor and accurate depiction of teenage emotions.”
Laura Hallamaa, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

”Juho Mantere is an inspiring, simultaneously gentle and totally wild director-writer, with whose works you fall head over heels in love. Amazingly, his creations are as passionate about theatre as they are critical of it.”
– Festival Artistic Team