Kati Raatikainen & working group

2020 Programme

Four people on stage, four unique ways to sense the world and function as part of it, four human beings letting their uniqueness drive their movement, experiencing each other, dancing, listening to the sounds of the world.

Materializing from the thoughts and emotions of its performers, Maria LahtiJarmo PatanaSanna Tornikoski and Markku Essel, Quartet highlights individuals who enjoy living, being seen and claiming their space. It makes a tenderly radical point about the rights of people who are regarded as disabled – the right to perform as contemporary dance artists, to act as members of society, to sense, to want and to desire. It is a piece defined by a fundamental respect for life itself, life as presence, intimacy and joy.

Reflecting choreographer Kati Raatikainen’s principles, teamwork was at the core of Quartet’s creative process, its material stemming from the lives and personal experiences of the performers.