Pesä läsnäolon yhteisö (Pesä community for presence)

On the day of the Nocturnal Happening you will be able to get acquainted with the cozy spaces and staff at Pesä läsnäolon yhteisö (Pesä community for presence). We offer diverse group classes on Thursday 4.8. at 14–22. You can also pop by just for a cup of tea and to say hello to us.


14.00–22.00 Open house
14.30–15.30 A lecture on sleep, free entry
16.00–17.00 Aroma Yin, tickets 10€
17.15–19.15 Taiyo workshop, tickets 25€
19.30–20.45 Shindo, tickets 15€

Pesä läsnäolon yhteisö is a community formed by freelancers in the field of well-being, located at the heart of Tampere city centre. We are joined together by our values: presence – contact – balance and ecological values. We offer body therapeutic services to customers, communities, and groups. We wish to offer you a moment of presence amid the busy week. Another goal of Pesä is to support freelancer-entrepreneurs in the field of well-being at the beginning of their careers and offer irreplaceable peer support at the first stages of entrepreneurship.

We rent out atmospheric and beautiful treatment room spaces, group spaces to entrepreneurs, hobbyists, groups as well as for private events.

You can find a more detailed programme and tickets in the online shop of Pesä or on our website.

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© Pesä läsnäolon yhteisö

© Pesä läsnäolon yhteisö