Kokkola City Theatre

Väinö Linna; dramatized and directed by Juha Luukkonen

Man and destiny. Man and God. Man and society. The timeless themes of author Väinö Linna were already prominent in his debut Aim. Published in 1947, the novel follows a struggling factory worker who’s trying to find his way while tied to a grueling job in a city built between two lakes – his physical surroundings mirroring a trapped existence that lingers somewhere between a poverty-stricken childhood and adult aspirations of becoming a writer.

What are your chances of achieving your goals in adivided society? Who is happier – the one who’s determined to find answers or the one who’s complacent? What should you do with your short life?

Premiered in 2020 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Väinö Linna’s birth, Aim is the most recent of dramatist-director Juha Luukkonen’s stage adaptations of Linna’s works.

”An intense study of a young adult’s mindset with a strong focus on storytelling. Personal experiences and incidents merge to form a full-scale portrait of society and era.”
– Festival Artistic Team