Amanda Palo & Olga Palo


I had to drink a whole lot of bubbly, or whatever I could get my hands on, to get the guts to come here. All this, this all here, all this is just to cover up a crazy person.

Nutcase tells the story of a broken human being. In a world where some people are free to take no responsibility for their actions, others have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Written by Amanda Palo, Nutcase is an autobiographical monologue dealing with sexual violence and its devastating effects on mental health. It is also a way to reclaim one’s space.

When Amanda Palo started developing Nutcase with her sister, director Olga Palo, she had no idea how topical the finished play would be. Arriving at the height of the #metoo revolution, Nutcase stands up on its own two feet to join in and break the walls of silence.


”The most memorable performance in 2017.”
– Jussi Lehmusvesi, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper