Rakastajat Theatre

Written and Directed by Elina Izarra

Writer-director Elina Izarra’s play examines the effect of gaze on an individual. Deeply rooted in personal experiences and blending fact and fiction, Black, Blacker, Roma sheds light on the history and day-to-day life of the Roma by showing us a gripping series of encounters covering many decades and ranging from beautiful to brutal.

Despite the savage discrimination the Roma still face everywhere and every day, there is room for laughter, warmth, dance and vigor – resulting in an irresistible mix of candor and irony which forces the spectators to reconsider their preconceptions of Roma culture.

Marking the 30th anniversary of the Pori-based outfit Rakastajat, Black, Blacker, Roma perfectly embodies the spirit and mission statement of the company: to present brave, uncompromising and thought-provoking one-room theatre spiced with comedy and a touch of madness.


”What a delectably funky turn by Kai Tanner, one of the founders of Rakastajat.”
Pertti Pitkonen, Satakunnan Kansa newspaper

”A much-needed statement and a telling account that really shows what it means to hide your Roma roots and what it takes to work on your identity nonstop. The firsthand nature of this piece almost breaks your heart, as does its soulfulness.”
– Festival Artistic Team