Life Under The Sun

Strangers & Exiles

"What good is to gain the whole world but lose your soul?"

King Solomon was a man who had it all:

700 wives, gold in the billions and the power of a whole kingdom. He studied the stars, wrote poetry, built palaces, vineyards and a trading empire, contemplated wisdom…

And he was bored.

Deeply bored. The kind of bored that only a man with too much time and money on his hands can be.

None of it satisfied…

A theatre show that explores the biggest question of all:

“What’s the point?”

Life Under The Sun is a one man show based on the book of Ecclesiastes; a black comedy with a unique mix of ancient verse offset against dark pantomime and the dry wit of stand-up.
Features underpants, pompous man-servants, self-deprecating witticisms, an existential crisis and one giant hangover…

© Jonathan Carey
© Jonathan Carey