Raging Mother

Hanna Vahtikari & Marzi Nyman

We all have a mother, and an opinion about how she should be. Can a mother be allowed to be temperamental, impulsive, senseless, flaky, and still a mother, and a good one.

Raging Mother (Kuin raivo äiti) is a bitingly funny and honest portrayal of a mother’s life. It is a story of a volatile overachiever who is in constant competition with time and is not above flinging a burger on a wall. The performance fearlessly challenges myths of motherhood and aims to shake them up. Here, she is simply a human being who just happens to be a mother, too.

Raging Mother is written by actor Hanna Vahtikari. She tackles motherhood holistically, revealing all: the unhinged everyday moments, the humour that emerges from the extremes, the repressed aggressions, and the love that underwrites it all. Performing music, on stage with Vahtikari, is composer and musician Marzi Nyman.

On stage Hanna Vahtikari & Marzi Nyman
Written and directed by Hanna Vahtikari
Music and sound design: Marzi Nyman
Lighting desing and video projections: Anna Rouhu
Costume design: Riitta-Maria Vehman