Korpelan Kujanjuoksu

Tampere Comedy Theater

Screenwriter Heikki Luoma and director Jukka Mäkinen are bringing their latest TV-series Korpelan Kujanjuoksu to Tampere Comedy Theatre’s stage. The race starts when the unemployed mechanic Jaska Alho (Janne Kataja) finds a bag of money from the car trunk and tries to keep it hidden from others. At the same time, Anssi Korpela (Esa Latva-Äijö) and Miisa Perttula (Karoliina Vanne) are going through a serious struggle with a mining company. In this battle, slyness and the money bag are very much needed. 

The cast is mostly familiar from the TV series, featuring Esa Latva-Äijö, Janne Kataja, Karoliina Vanne, Tuija Vuolle and many more!


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