The Lightness of My Life

Miiko Toiviainen

The Lightness of My Life is a performance everyone should see.”
Irmeli Haapanen, Turun Sanomat

“Trans people have been talked about a lot in the media recently, but often only through dark and tragic stories. I feel that other points of view are needed as well, so this is mine.”

Miiko Toiviainen is a Helsinki-based actor who graduated from the Theatre Academy in 2018 and has since appeared in a variety of productions at the Helsinki City Theatre, the Samppalinna Summer Theatre, the Takomo Theatre, the Vanha Juko Theatre and the Annual Festival of New Musicals (NAMT) in New York.

Kepeä elämäni (The Lightness of My Life) is a personal, poetic, musical, compelling and playful monologue on how the narrator’s trans background has become a resource and source of happiness.

Comments from the audience
“The best theatre performance I have ever seen.”
“This performance will change the world. It already has.”
“Incredibly touching.”
“A light touch on a heavy subject.”
“My faith in the power of theatre has been restored!”

On stage: Miiko Toiviainen
Director: Riikka Oksanen
Dramaturge: Aino Pennanen
Music and sound design: Eeva Kontu
Visual design: Sofia Palillo
Music production: Mikko Renfors