Hommage to Aki (K-18)

Tampere Film Festival

The Tampere Film Festival presents: Hommage to Aki a tribute to Aki Kaurismäki.

Aki Kaurismäki has inspired many filmmakers around the world. Tampere Film Festival presents 4 short films influenced more or less by Aki Kaurimäki.

Movies to show:
Nina Kurtela: Dear Aki, Croatia 2020
Francois Bierry: Vihta, Belgium 2018
Dekel Berenson: Anna, Ukraine, 2019
Xavier Seron: Sprötch, Belgium, 2020

The total duration of the show is 73 min.
Movies are in English or select have English subtitles.

The age limit for the show is 18.

© Francois Bierry: Vihta, Belgium 2018
© Francois Bierry: Vihta, Belgium 2018