Everything is One with Emptiness


In between, it lies in cracks, where everything is not / there it hides, from the light / by itself, a piece of distance trapped in sound / a lonely pulse waiting for a heart that pounds / it echoes... / Over the emptiness that is ice smothering water, waves fallen asleep / in await for the time after silence melts away / In there, one by one a sound finds another / caresses with its chords until awakes to see again / - Look, how it moves, everything and all.

"Everything is One with Emptiness" is a collaborative journey into which ever way music leads to. Melody guides movement and video, opening the door for dance and pictures to emerge, reveals a road to the other side. Into moments, once and rare and always. Like the weight of a feather or pink cherry blossoms floating in the wind.

Elmeri Pörsti and Saara Vaheristo are an philosophy studying artist couple who combine audiovisual art, dance and writing. They work together under the name Katveenkuuntelijat. Together they create performative art which combines magical music, paintingly video art and otherwordly dance to create a moment of beauty for audience to experience.

© Elmeri Pörsti