Out in the Woods


Written by Iira Halttunen
Directed by Seppo Honkonen

Somewhere deep in Southeast Finland, a woman is tracing her roots when she receives a life-changing phone call. Her grandfather has left her a piece of forest land. When a modern city dweller inherits a slice of the woods, what in the world is she supposed to do with it?

This down-to-earth story gives the audience a quick rundown on things like forest types, inheritance taxes, forest management plans – and flying squirrels. We also get to hear some choice views from Maria Mattsson, a factory worker with a career-long experience in cardboard weighing – her thoughts on today’s employee well-being and our relationship with woodlands.

First and foremost, the play urges us to ask: What can the forest give us, and what can we take from it?

You’re welcome to share your thoughts with the cast in the post-show panels.

”We witnessed a true artistic triumph at the premiere.”
Anna-Maija Järvi-Herlevi, Kouvolan Sanomat newspaper (text in Finnish and behind a paywall)