Juuso Kekkonen & Linda-Maria Roine

Why do the darkest aspects of humanity interest us so much?

Rapper and author Linda-Maria Roine (a.k.a. Mercedes Bentso) and comedian Juuso Kekkonen love real-life crime and horror stories. And they’re not alone: ​​true crime entertainment is downright a trend! 

Hybristophilia is a stage work of this duo, in which they boldly dive into the gloomy end of humanity. Roine, Kekkonen, and their alter egos laugh at the darkness in themselves and in the world. 

Juuso Kekkonen is a writer and comedian who is known for dealing with emotionally and intellectually complex topics in an easily approachable and fun way. The best thing Kekkonen knows are the moments when he makes the audience laugh at his own fears.

Linda-Maria Roine is a musician, author and social activist known as a rap artist Mercedes Bentso. Roine believes that taboos are only broken by discussing them and art is a way for her to bring even the most silent subjects from darkness to daylight.


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